Thursday, July 16, 2009


Papayas are emminently holdable.

Look how palm-sized that is. And they slice like a dream, and the colors are gorgeous.

But those bastard seeds are EVERYwhere!

They don't just clump together in the middle like the sensible squash. They make little cave-homes and they hide, and you have to chase them down with your Gouging Spoon, and papaya flesh is so soft and yielding anyways that you lose a good bit of it with all the scooping and peeling, and then you lose even MORE with all of the gouging.


Tastiness: If you took all the exotic-type fruits you could think of and threw them in a blender, but left the peel on one of them so that there was a squidge of unidentifiable bitterness, and then extracted all of the zip and zing and pow, you'd be left with something mild and bland but more or less tasty. So, 5.

Ease of extraction: It'd be an 8 if not for those hide-and-seek seeds. 7.

Overall Nommability: 35


Dreamybee said...

My friend's dad told her that the way to tell if a papaya is ripe is if it smells like old socks. Did you find this to be the case?

Anonymous said...

a papaya is usually ripe if it's yellowish in color on the outside.. basically if it's green it's unripened.. and not going to be that sweet. When it's ripe it's really sweet and has an amazing taste!