Thursday, July 16, 2009

Canary Melon

Hey Raych, what is that oblongey yellow thing you have in your hand?

Oh this little old thing? Only the latest in exotic fruitstuffs, the canary melon.

Sounds island-y. Revel in awe, at any rate. It is a whole new thing.

.Except...that soothing green color looks vaguely familiar. As do those seeds...


You're in for a world of spoilers, my friends. Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze, Soylent green is people, and a canary melon is a honeydew.


Not 'tastes like,' not 'can stand in for if the supermarket is out of,' not 'is the marginally juicier identical twin of'...oh no wait, yes. That last one.


But I've always felt that honeydew would be a little bit awesomer if it were a little bit more likely to splash onto my shoe. The universe has heard my cry.


Tastiness: The tastiness of a honeydew + 1, so 7

Ease of Extraction: Reasonably thin-skinned and easy to cut, the seeds practically scrape themselves out, I own a melon-baller (of sorts), 8

Overall Nommability: 56 (right? Math is hard)


Lisa said...

You should start a sidebar ranking list. It would be a very short list right now.

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