Monday, September 28, 2009


What is in that basket? Phalluses? Syphalis? NAY! Those are Physalii? They're gross, at any rate.

But they come in such a cute little basket! And withIN the basket, the fruits themselves come in such a cute little tomatillo wrapper!

Adorablemente, no? So fragile and whimsical. Like fruited moths.

But the physalis is in the nightshade family and DUDE IT TASTES LIKE IT. Every time I ate one I felt sickly. I should have left them out for the wasps. Would have solved that problem.

These little seedy, tomato-esqe beasts were a serious let-down. They tasted like Citrus-Action Lysol. My camera is garbage. Picture a cherry tomato, that is orange.

Tastiness: Zero. If I could sanction giving it a negative number, I would. It was chemically and gave me the queasy uneasies and I tried to eat them for, like, four days, but could never get past the one.
Ease of extraction: Eight! They were a bit sticky (I tried washing one to see if it was the outer stickiness that was giving me the tangy gut, but no dice) but other than that, you just undress the little bastards and have at them.
Overall Nommability: Uh...I guess that anything times zero is zero, which makes sense. It doesn't matter how easy it is to extract if the extractables aren't worth extracting. The zero stands.