Friday, July 9, 2010

Black Velvet Apricot

Black velvet apricot, hey?

Are you sure you are not just a furry black plum?

Because you look like a furry black plum.  On all sides.

And you taste like a furry black plum.

With maybe a hint of apricot.

Tastiness: The fuzz is, I think, part of the taste, and fuzzy fruit gives me the heebs.  On the other hand, the flesh is delicious - mostly plum with an apricot great-grandsire.  On the other hand, the fuzz.  So, six.

Ease of extraction:  Hold-and-eat, so...easy.  But again with the fuzz.  Maybe if someone peeled it for me.  Plus it sticks to the pit, which I hate.  Five.

Overall nommability: 30


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